Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The sound of my heart...

Read these simple lines,they are the sound of my black heart...
"All I need is true love...Can u give me that?Are u ready to fight for this heart?Are u ready to make sacrifices just to change my colour?
I'm alone in my soul,i don t know whom to trust anymore...Can anyone help me find that one thing missing ?Can anyone help me believe in love again?I tried to scream out loud but seems that no one's listenin' to me,not anymore...they all got scared and ran away from me...It's because of my colour?It's because I don t know how to feel again?I feel hopeless and lonely...I don t know what to think anymore about all the things surrounding me...If I could choose my best moment,I would choose the one I felt love...Life without love is so empty and lonely...I would do anything to find someone make me believe again in u...Where have u gone?"


  1. I f*cking love these lines..."Life without love is so empty and lonely..." so, so true...!

  2. If u close ur self in a box, a "safe zone" it is normal for u not to feel love, u have to ne more open even if u might get hurt, it's alright hurting is a part of life u can't run away from pain u just have to work with it and try not to let it overrun u and ur life. Let ur feelings run free and happiness will come along pretty soon, I promise! :*