Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Losers like me...

Sometimes i m wondering why do i feel this way?maybe because i m just stupid ,I reply....or maybe because I just wanna be perfect...but maybe i like being unperfect, I like having a broken heart,i like crying from time to time, i like those strange feelings that u feel when u have a broken heart....or maybe i' ve made a convention for life with the suffering who knows ...perfection ? what a strange word for me...I don ' t search for perfection,nobody's perfect,and for sure not me....and besides I don't even wanna be ...I like life with all its sorrows ,sadness,tears,even though sometimes I blame it for my unperfect life and my
disappointments in all the plans ...U know something? i never liked the ones who were "perfect"....If life was easy it will got boring all the time.....U know,maybe it 's a big bullshit that ,but unperfects like me are the ones who will do something in their miserables lives (mom ,dad u know ,and all of those who think my presence here is worthless),let me tell u something ....i'm ambitious and at least one person believes in me and supports me ,he's there with me no matter the distance ....i'm glad someone believes in me cause i'm starting to believe too....being unperfect it's the thing that makes u different from the others,it's like a stamp ,cause hell ya we are specials ...We are the ones that will change the world for good,i'm going to do something with my life ,U are going to do something in Ur life ,we all are going to do something cause LOSERS like us(as they call us ) are the BEST ,WE RULE THE WORLD !!!! hell ya can I get an AMIN????? sing with meeeeeee and yell along that WE ARE THE FUTURE AND NO ONE CAN SET US APART AND NO ONE CAN MAKE US STOP DREAMING....dreams are our way to conquer this world... I'm a loser,so what??? in the end I will be a WINNER and that's all that matters...So let me tell u this:" I like being UNPERFECT!!! "

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  1. u should remember what u have written here.. .u sound like a bag full of optimism good luck... and not just one person believes in you, I am too, so you have at least two persons ( as you said ) that have faith in you. So, do your best!